Emerging World

Solo Exhibition

Erarta Gallery Honk Kong, China

21 May 2015 -
7 July 2015

"Erarta Galleries Hong Kong is pleased to present “Emerging World” by top, young St. Petersburg artist Pavel Brat. Following hugely successful exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Zurich and London, Brat brings to Hong Kong his latest work in his renowned style from his series Paradosis, which have been receiving worldwide recognition and attention by major journals and collectors.

In last September, Brat’s works was collected by the State Museum of Russia, making him one of the youngest artists in the permanent collection of the Museum.

Brat creates collages like no other, achieving an illusion of deconstructed depth through clever manipulation of imagery from the worlds of fashion, design and advertising. Consisting of treasured consumer products, Brat’s canvases respond to the oppressive nature of advertising and material excess in our everyday lives. Brat creates an abstract tonic, referencing Renaissance paintings and tonal configurations that to the naive eye create intense and mesmerizing abstract landscapes.

The latest work of Paradosis, specially made for Erarta Galleries Hong Kong, explores the passion of red.

“I think if you look at the chronology of events, it all started with a passion for red.... You see, in the same red gloss stands in a special position, it is presented in a special way, try not to overdo it, but from season to season in spite of all, from autumn / winter into spring / summer, as has long been dubbed to be "always in fashion ".

By using collage as a technique, Brat lures us into his world where he is able to play with our sense of emotion and relationship to familiar objects of longing, power and beauty. The enchanting products materialize alone or at compositional intersections, then move out of sight and disappear among waves of abstract landscapes and fictional worlds. The levels of interpretation are such that curious viewers attempting to read and understand all the layers may become trapped in one of Brat’s complex worlds.

To view Brat’s artwork is like to take a shopping trip along Canton Road in Hong Kong, Bond Street in London, 5th Avenue in New York or any of the boulevards of the capitalist world. However, in Brat’s worlds, all the codes and semantics of our consumerist society are now emptied of value and used for the construction of a different beauty. Pavel Brat visualises human notions of paradise by showing consumer culture disappearing behind the imaginary and the spiritual." © http://wsimag.com

© Foto by sevior.files.wordpress.com