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Body Mass

Triumph Gallery August 2013 / September 2013

Solo Exhibition

"Trained as a graphic designer, Pavel Brat works as he was taught, with printed publications. But he is by no means a designer in the usual sense of this word. As representatives of this profession are meant to, Pavel works with visual-communicative environments, but he approaches them in a highly artistic manner. Here we could engage in lengthy and highly dubious discussions of why design isn’t art or why, on the contrary, art is design, but that’s not what is important here. What’s important is that Brat, a graphic designer by education creates attractive and very adequate objects for the interior from paper on a firm aluminum base. At the same time, the Brat who is an artist by calling, manages to upend all concepts and techniques, sharply breaking off the usual train of thought followed by the viewer. Let’s just run through this in order...

© Foto by Triumph Gallery